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A curriculum guide to creating a classroom of self-discovery and creative action.
The Creativity Circle is a partnership between FableVision Learning and The Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning and Creativity to create an environment to expand the possibilities of education.
“Never before have we asked teachers to do so much during such challenging times.
The only way forward is with creativity - in how we teach and how we learn. As I like to say, when the going gets tough, the creative get going.”
Peter H. Reynolds

What Creative Educators are Saying ...

About SEL: Teaching With Heart

"I discovered that during these uncertain times, being creative is must-have skill to adapt, evolve, and survive in this new world."
GATE Teacher, guam
About Above & Beyond Leadership Program

"We are approaching leadership in a new way (compared to what we've done before.) I'm grateful for this opportunity & jazzed about it!"
Principal, tacoma public schools
About Creative Educator Certification Program
"My goals for next year are to integrate the new ideas I have learned in this course into my work with students and teachers and to also integrate it into my professional development. I REALLY like the "At a Glance" pages at the end of each section and I have made a resources book. The Creativity Skills and Problem Solving will be helpful strategies in completing this creative venture."
Gifted Education Specialist, OH
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